Another Windows 10 build

If you haven’t tried the windows 10 technical preview and have a spare machine laying around you should really give it a go. It is a vast improvement on windows 8. This past Wednesday Microsoft released their newest build which will probably be the last for the year. Check out Tomshardware’s review on the latest release. Here

Microsoft’s Gabe Aul updated the Windows blog on Wednesday with news that a new version of Windows 10 is now available to download. This new build, 9879, includes new windowing and gesture improvements, tweaks to OneDrive usage, improvements to Internet Explorer, and more.

You can download your very own copy of the Tech Preview here. Microsoft seems to be taking a lot of advice from its user base which is nice to see after the disaster that was windows 8.

Intel haswell-ep xeon 12 core review e5-2650l v3 and e5-2690 v3.

Over at Anandtech you can find some good dirt on the latest powerhouse from Intel. Sure beats out my dual Celerons on that old BP-6.


As part of our Haswell-EP coverage, the next two processors on our test beds are both 12 core variants. The E5-2650L V3 is a surprising monster, giving 12 Haswell cores at 1.8 GHz with 2.5 GHz turbo for only 65W, while the E5-2690 V3 extends the power budget to 135W for all 12 cores at a 2.6 GHz base frequency.

With Haswell-EP, the landscape of the server and workstation CPU has changed ever so slightly. In previous generations, Intel balanced core counts with frequency at the same power level. This makes a lot of sense, as you cannot add cores or frequency without drawing more power. What makes Haswell-EP feel different is a slight change in strategy as to how the new core designs are binned according to their characteristics.