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    Illinois native, Florida resident... UF alumnus... I have a lovely wife and 3 wonderful kids...


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  1. Hey squeeks (and anybody else that may pop in).. I for one have appreciated all you have done to keep this site alive. However, honestly I rarely visit anymore. I do not build computers, am not up on current hardware, and have not crunched a DC workunit in the past 5 years. I would hate to see the history disappear (earlier today, I was reading back through old posts and it did put a smile on my face). However you need to feel free to do what you feel is best. If this gives you joy, then march on... if not then maybe its time to let it go. Just my $0.02.
  2. 1fastC6


    Good job squeeks.. nice to see we are back!
  3. 1fastC6


    post of 2020.. ha! Made ya look!!
  4. wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !!
  5. this will be my first winter without my fleet.. but hey, I live in Florida, where the ac is always on..
  6. RIP propeller head.. it was good knowing you, brother..
  7. thanks David!! was wondering when it was coming up again..
  8. today, I pulled the plug and disassembled Deep Beige.. 8 boxes down.. kept 2 babies for the future, whatever it may become..
  9. I still have my main rig, dual threaded quad core with 2 ATI GPUs that runs all the time.. 8 quads with GPUs on that rack dedicated to nonsense.. I only fire it up when I need heat in this room.. :D
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