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  1. thedude

    Enter the Freeman

    that link didn't work for me so I searched for it on YT and got this...it's amazing! I wish they'd do a feature length!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvgEx1g9dW4
  2. I'm sure I'd kill you regularly, the problem is you'd likely be my teammate :)
  3. thedude

    Ha HA!

    I much prefer this type of DRM to the rootkits that some developers choose to use. I'm interested in knowing how the game determines whether or not you're using a cracked version?
  4. thedude

    Serious Sam 3

    oh wow! that looks amazing!
  5. That's why I resist looking at videos of the latest and greatest ;) I think the graphics are gorgeous, however one thing I have noticed is that the 'scale' seems different than the primary game I play [l4d2] everything seems 'squattier' if that make sense, it brings up the interesting point of scalability and how each game presents its world...
  6. I couldn't resist this deal. I have heard so many good things about the series but haven't played it myself. For $5 I had to give it a whirl.
  7. actually they were able to work out a reduced price to stay online...of course that's no guarantee he'll be back :D
  8. I can see at least one part of their message as ringing true, I would love to figure out a way to remove the money and politics link, but I doubt it's possible...otherwise I think they're a group of whining children who just need to grow up. :D
  9. thedude

    Dead Island

    Yay! I got paid today and steam is having a sale, dead lsland for $37, I figure I've been good and deserve a small treat, and considering Goodspeed and crew are going on an extended internet hiatus I need a single player diversion until they can get back online! Anyone playing dead island?
  10. LMAO it's 2011 and I only have high speed because a local company started offering high speed wireless! When I moved in my current home in 2001 I was assured that broadband would be coming 'within 6 months' LOL! I helped setup a satellite office for the company I work for. The new office is in LA, there was FIOS to their building and we got 35 MBit up and down for $120 month!!! Wow, apparently you can get up to 150Mbit...
  11. We play almost every night, in case you weren't aware...there are zombies that need exterminating...we're barely stemming the tide (thanks to my ineptitude :) )
  12. I just read a review on Tom's hardware that didn't paint a very favorable picture of it, it got beat handily by Intel CPU's many rungs down from the top of the blue heap.
  13. I don't know why I click on anything you post. ASS! :D
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