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  1. Don't eat the brown eggs....
  2. I'm in charge now. Thanks 👍👍👍
  3. Ethereum no? Pirates steal, no donate. I mean, whatevs, I guess...
  4. I have an asshole. But no Dooom.
  5. Don't ruin my shit....
  6. And about 4 laptops and 4 smaller i3 / i5 Ryzen 3 for HTPC & pfSense in various rooms/state of construction. Cos, quarantine. 🙂
  7. Ooooh I can list my shit now. 1. R9 3990x B550M Steel Legend 32Gb Crucial Ballistix 3600 @3800MHz <no video - waiting> 500Gb Samsung Evo Tons of RGB Lian LI O11D Mini White 2. R9 3900x X470-I Rog Strix 16Gb Crucual Ballistix 2933 @ 3200 cas15 No video - wiating 500Gb Samsung Evo Small amount of RGB strategically located Fractal Design Node 304 White Network: Mikrotik 326CRS Mikrotik RB4011 Asus R7800 @DD-WRT D-link 868L @DD-WRT 2x TP-Link C2600 @OpenWRT
  8. Serious question. Coz I know some of you are serious fucktards. Eg. Winky.
  9. You need to go down on it so that it stays happy with you. That works in many circumstances. 👍
  10. Still need that pee. Winky, where's your face? I guess it's up Trump's asshole?
  11. How about RGB light[n]ing focus? 🙂 Nice and shiny 😄
  12. Love in the pocket or in the ass, we all owe squeeks one way or another. I'll drop some moniez also.
  13. Waz. Now he's probably masturbating.
  14. How much rum have you been drinking? If you can remember.. you missed that.
  15. LIke, with glue... or tape? Or bodily residue?
  16. And if they're not ladies, but you can't tell.. then what's the diff? 🙂
  17. Why is there no cunnilingus smilie? Sexist.
  18. I was gonna tell that fucker to take his tiny pics elsewhere but it's probably decomposed by now 😕
  19. I thought we cancelled this shit already.
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