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  1. Go ahead. Shoot me. I deserve it.
  2. I don't want to pay CA sales tax. :))
  3. I bet he sucked a few cocks to get there. [Edit] I realise that that might be ambiguous. Doens't matter cos it applies for both things. 🙂 [/edit]
  4. True pirating spirit dude.. love it 👍👍
  5. a13antichrist


    Working should be illegal. 🙂
  6. a13antichrist


    New girlfriend? 🙂
  7. Whereabouts? (not 'whereabout is Europe... but whereabouts are you back to? 😉 )
  8. Don't eat the brown eggs....
  9. I'm in charge now. Thanks 👍👍👍
  10. Ethereum no? Pirates steal, no donate. I mean, whatevs, I guess...
  11. I have an asshole. But no Dooom.
  12. Don't ruin my shit....
  13. And about 4 laptops and 4 smaller i3 / i5 Ryzen 3 for HTPC & pfSense in various rooms/state of construction. Cos, quarantine. 🙂
  14. Ooooh I can list my shit now. 1. R9 3990x B550M Steel Legend 32Gb Crucial Ballistix 3600 @3800MHz <no video - waiting> 500Gb Samsung Evo Tons of RGB Lian LI O11D Mini White 2. R9 3900x X470-I Rog Strix 16Gb Crucual Ballistix 2933 @ 3200 cas15 No video - wiating 500Gb Samsung Evo Small amount of RGB strategically located Fractal Design Node 304 White Network: Mikrotik 326CRS Mikrotik RB4011 Asus R7800 @DD-WRT D-link 868L @DD-WRT 2x TP-Link C2600 @OpenWRT
  15. Serious question. Coz I know some of you are serious fucktards. Eg. Winky.
  16. You need to go down on it so that it stays happy with you. That works in many circumstances. 👍
  17. Still need that pee. Winky, where's your face? I guess it's up Trump's asshole?
  18. How about RGB light[n]ing focus? 🙂 Nice and shiny 😄
  19. Love in the pocket or in the ass, we all owe squeeks one way or another. I'll drop some moniez also.
  20. Waz. Now he's probably masturbating.
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