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  1. I have 24tb in an R5 over 4x 8tb drives. Case (qnap) cost me $300. Why are you wasting time with those 2-teebers?
  2. How much space are you actually using? if you're not hitting close to 30Tb yet, why not just build 12x 4Tb and leave the other 12 slots free to expand with 8tb drives when they become cost-efficient... then side-migrate and you have 12 slots more free to do the same when 16 or 24tb drives are nice ;) Save yourself these constant rebuilds :p
  3. No need to be worried until Props starts resurrecting, threads or otherwise...
  4. If there's one person I wouldn't mind to be shot by cops it'd be Winky :) You're welcome man :cool:
  5. Nah. I mean unless he came back around for a second look. Wouldn't put it past him :)
  6. If only you would though aye Winks ;)
  7. Not me. You guys just get lucky sometimes :)
  8. What happens to the camera in there when you overclock it?
  9. As far as we know right now, we are :)
  10. Confirmed: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/michael-kelly-obituary?pid=1000000181871070 I almost didn't want to write "RIP" because to his last breath he was raging at Trump and Republican morons.. I'm just sad he didn't get to see the end of that mess. 21-cap salute...
  11. I'm sure he won't be offended... :)
  12. You guys will be -begging- to suck Props' cold limp dick on Jan 21st if this goes worst-case-scenario....
  13. You posted that one twice. And I am actually serious. I was talking to him while he was in hospice care for lung cancer and he hasn't replied in about three weeks now. It's actually why I showed up here again.
  14. Cool... Now visit my Winky thread. Pretty sure Props is dead...
  15. That, by the way, was a message from Props. And as far as I can tell, it may well have been his last words. Chose them well, if you ask me. Yes, seriously. Although he's a hard bugger so you never know.....
  16. I'd vote for him. I mean if the choices were him or Trump or Hillary. If Mike Moore's fikus was running I'd vote for that instead.
  17. Yup. Current hardware is a couple of laptops for xbmc, a qnap, a tablet and a smartphone. To be fair I've got the gizzards of about 3 potential sailing ladies around here in boxes, although they would probably manage less than 1 WU between them in a month (or in three weeks, which is how long a chick is useful for each month anyway... :) )
  18. Buuuuuuut... perhaps quite apt ;) Aye bro ;)
  19. Bet he's voting Trump... like only the Winkster moron could.
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