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  1. I come in here, and there's nothing but Goodspeed on every thread.. he obviously needs a break... or more time alone with his hand. :D aye bro :p
  2. E6600 - 6Gb DDR2-800 - PCI video - 4x640GB Raid0 + 5x 1Tb awaiting the new RAID card - iCute Super18 case - Win2008 Server x64/Hyper-V (file server) A64 3000+ - 1Gb - 2x200Gb - M-ATX 6150 - DIGN5 case - WinXP - media center A. XP-M 2400+@2.4GHz (I think?) - 2Gb - on-board vid - Win2003 Server - web/ftp P-M 1.7Ghz - 1.5Gb - Radeon Mobility 9700 - Clevo M375 - WinXP - control center, heh
  3. Bro, -that-'s your idea of attention-worthy? You gotta get out more...
  4. True.. that would be awesome bro :) It just a standard everyday enterprise RAID card, and the cable connectors if I can find them :)
  5. Would anyone be able to receive a parcel for me & post it on to NZ? Need to get a RAID card from Ebay but no-one ships to NZ of course.. :/ I'll PayPal ya the shipping costs, unless there's a better way of course.. Cheers ears
  6. I think you're a freakin' looney. You couldn't pay me to run a Celeron D. Even a Pentium D is an utter waste of electricity.
  7. Yeah this one's pretty sweet. I was going to get it from my local supplier, they had it listed at 269NZ which was far too low.. so I asked them to check about three times whether that was the right price but they never got back to me... idiots. Then eventually it was out of stock & next time they had it it was up to 370, which is about what I had expected it to be. Didn't matter in the end, picked up a D.Vine5.
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