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  1. Yup -- and I appear to be out of the US, yet again, lol.
  2. Noice! I guess we could just fix up a crypto wallet with an appropriate APR to fund that side of the equation forever.
  3. Machupo


    smells a little fishy there
  4. yup -- still here in the middle of it all back to europe this summer, though!
  5. Machupo

    New roll call

    Out again, but not for long this time. Hope to be back for memorial day. I am getting too old for this shit, haha. Hope everyone is doing well! Happy Easter!
  6. Machupo

    New roll call

    My flight back to the US was bumped until after election day.... oh darn 😛
  7. The sata m2 pod is just for media, nightly backup images of all devices, etc. I am also kicking around the idea of a nvme pod for my virtualized services, network transfer / scratch drive for collaboration, etc Really just needed something to push the cat6a install i did in the house, lol.
  8. I have been in discussions with icy dock on some ideas for high-density m.2 storage configurations. They may be releasing a 12x m.2 drive in a 5.25" bay setup soon. I would probably revert this setup to a couple of those and add in four more docks for expansion down the road :D
  9. Good to know the admin e-mail function works, hah!
  10. The current version now has 3x vdevs of 8x 2TB SSDs in Z2 (and a lot more ram and 12 threads) :D
  11. happy turkey day, you turkeys. oh, and 19.10 (ubuntu) is a pretty good upgrade on speed if you need something to do when the family gets tiring :p
  12. Holy shit... there is someone else in this place!
  13. Monthly check in.... echo, echo, echo....
  14. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/09/public-exploit-code-spawns-mass-attacks-against-high-severity-vbulletin-bug/ :eek:
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