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  1. It may be old news to the Piratefleet Pirates generally, but I didn't know http://www.tcmagazine.com/tcm/news/hardware/39895/leaked-roadmap-shows-10-core-amd-desktop-cpus-2012?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+tcmagazine+%28Techconnect+Magazine%29
  2. :headbang: For the blinky lights. ESD sensors as well
  3. I had to look the Dodge one up. The driver made it to the passenger side of the truck before the roof ripped the driver door off (and a bit more), It sure looked like it flatten the whole rig but missed most of it. Many comments about it but - If you can't dodge it RAM it! - was funny
  4. Sneaky

    New Rage trailer

    :thumbup: Oh! Yeah
  5. Outstanding! Spec Ops Rock! I completely understand the desire for his death v/s capture (it would all be bogus intel from that shit bag anyhow) but I understand there were several HD's removed from PC's. While there apparently was no hardwire phones or internet, several PC's were destroyed and HD's taken. By whom, when and in whos hands they are now has not been made clear yet. This aught to be good - perhaps even could outshaddow his over due death - well - no, dead is good.
  6. That is almost exactly what I had with Clear.net GoodSpeed Now as of today 24.75 down and 6.17 up - I am so freaking happy LOL Now just have to figure out were to upload my speedtest.net image to (it's been awhile)
  7. BY Edgar Sandoval and Dave Goldiner DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITERS Originally Published:Tuesday, December 28th 2010, 12:37 PM Updated: Wednesday, December 29th 2010, 2:14 AM Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/12/28/2010-12-28_out_of_control_city_tow_truck_destroys_parked_suv_on_brooklyn_street_video_shows.html#ixzz19wil7HVo A dramatic YouTube video showing a city tow truck crunching a parked SUV in snowbound Brooklyn Heights went viral Tuesday with more than 700,000 people watching the clip. The caught-on-tape slam-a-thon shows a stuck front-end loader bashing into
  8. Happy New year everyone:thumbup:
  9. Happy Holidays everyone
  10. Indeed very kewl - thanks fopr all that update Throkar - I've been missing in action the last month working upstate New York.
  11. I had to look up that picture RM. Non-profit group “The French Will Never Forget” organized an extraordinary gathering of 2,500 people on Omaha Beach, July 4, 2007, to commemorate D-Day. The crowd formed on the sand the letters of the phrase: “FRANCE WILL NEVER FORGET”, aimed at honoring the fallen American heroes who sacrificed their lives to liberate France from Nazi occupation. “Our goal is, once again, to demonstrate the deep respect and gratitude of the people of France, for their recovered freedom thanks to America’s extreme sacrifices during the Second World War and which no one c
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