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  1. I've been loitering here and again. We decided to make some changes a few years back that depleted most of our resources, and then we had some legal tangles with a dangerous cult that didn't help matters. We're just starting to come out on the other side and we're beginning to see some returns on all of it. More accurately were at a point where we don't have pay for 100% of everything out of pocket. We passed though Texas last summer, on the train, on our way to NOLA. East Texas sure looked great from the train windows. I've spent about 6 months total hanging in Texas back in the late
  2. berk is cool, the entire bay area is interesting, it has to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet. I can't take the people up there, way too liberal for my taste. Human poop in doorways and filth abounds. My dad was a berk grad in '51, it always upset him at what happened up there during the 60's. We have some places up there we like, mostly off the beaten path. We try to keep our time in the city short and specific. Lordy, I can't wait for the cali gov't to collapse; no more money and the state is forced to pucker-up. From the ashes and all... The Zombie Apocalypse
  3. Oakland? How long ago? I was there a few months back ....it aint anywhere Id go by choice these days. We're in the central valley, we don't get the seabreeze often. We do get some summer heat though. I guess I like little places where I know most of the people I see on the streets.
  4. I'm about an hour north of LosAngeles, near Bakersfield. L.A. is fun to go play around in but I couldn't live there, way too many zombies there. My MiL lives near the Tj border, it used to be fun to go there back in the 80's. I don't see any good reason to cross that border anymore. :out:
  5. Come here to Cali, we already have them everywhere.
  6. Hey good looking out Bosc. :thumbup: -- I guess my AIM account got raeped. :banghead: Was the AIM account "RM OCN"' (#3456175) ??? That was my first AIM account of five. The others had numbers following them, "RM OCN2" etc.. I haven't loaded AIM on a PC in ages. I contacted sqweeks via AIM on Gmail and he cleared me a new password for here (I didn't know what email I have registered here, I have too many these days) :dancepirate2:
  7. Dear Friend, I am Mr.Emory Barr, Accounts Manager, of Abbey National PLC Bromley Rd Branch. I have an important business proposition for you. On December 12th, 2010, a German contractor with the British Pertroleum co-orporation, United Kingdom ,Mr. Olaf Partetzke made a numbered time (Fixed) Deposit for twelve calendar months, valued at US$ 17,350,000.00 (Seventeen Million Three Hundred Hundred and fifty Thousand Dollars only) in my branch. Upon maturity,I sent a routine notification to his forwarding address but got no reply. After a month, we sent a reminder and finally we discover
  8. I heard FIOS causes testicular cancer.
  9. I thought I might toss this out there.
  10. 6/1.5 - $40/mo DSL I don't expect much more than that for sometime.
  11. Nope, no TV. I torrent some documentaries and find some fun stuff at Archives.org. I accidentally DL'd "big bang theory" thinking it was something else. Funny but as mindless as it comes.
  12. Do they even allow law abiding citizens to own guns up there? :out:
  13. We don't have a Fry's or anything, we only have a BestBuy here. I do most of my purchasing at NewEgg or B&H. It's unfortunate that even the local camera shop doesn't carry much useful stuff. I've found a few filters and a replacement shoe but nothing else.
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