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  1. Godcopp


    What we need to renew Squeeks? Need some cash? It's a bit peculiar that we are willing to pay good money just to keep this going, but what the hell! Can't take it with me when I die! I did a bit of moderation to block and delete some spam.
  2. Godcopp

    New roll call

    No news is good news... ???
  3. Godcopp

    The future

    The Ripjaws V was designed for Intel and not optimized for Ryzen. It will run, but I had to dial it back to 2666.
  4. Well Pirates, I have downloaded BOINC and fired it back up. Of all the projects available, Rosetta@Home has the most meaning for me. If I'm going to burn the watts, I like it to be for something tangibly good. Rosetta has recently contributed to the search for a COVID vaccine, which is really exciting. So Pirates, dust off those machines, download BOINC and fire up Rosetta. Let's see if we can regain some of that old glory! (We currently sit at 183rd)
  5. Nothing but click bait and ads. Sad...
  6. Godcopp

    The future

    I've got a 16 GB Kit of G.Skill Ripjaw DDR4-3200 RAM that doesn't work for crap in my Ryzen system and needs some Intel love. I'd be willing to donate, perhaps we could have a give-away to generate some traffic? Nothing like free stuff to pull in traffic.
  7. Send Squeekers some love boys, this board ain't cheap! Thanks for pulling the trigger Squeeks, looks sharp and i know it has alot more functionality.
  8. Godcopp

    The future

    I think the hayday of over-clocking has slipped on by. Although I love custom computers and still have a heart for it, the overclocking portion has just lost its appeal to me. That being said, I know there are still many folks interested, just look at the success of Jays Two Cents and the like.
  9. Godcopp

    Whats up guys.

    Sup H? Yeah a bunch of old pirates, poking their heads in the door every once in a while. Roll call!!
  10. Send a PayPal address, I'll contribute. ;) Pony up boys!
  11. Back at ya brother! I played with early Ubuntu, but now I'm just lazy.
  12. Godcopp

    New roll call

    We are aging quickly, but still hanging on! Good to see you back in the game. I got back in a year or two ago also.
  13. Godcopp

    New roll call

    Godcopp here! Glad we are back!
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