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  1. I have one, right now I'm running BOINC on it but I was using it as an HTPC running Openelec. Openelec is a tiny Linux OS with XBMC frontend. looked fine running ripped DVD files on a 42" 1080 TV. I wanted to play around with the Pi more and ended up getting a AMD-60 motherboard for the HTPC.
  2. Going to RMA it. Let the waiting begin, again.
  3. Of coarse it arrives but it won't post. Fans power up but no display. I'm thinking I might need a bios update to use with an i5-3570, although it is listed as compatible. Without a spare older chip it might as well be DOA.
  4. Well it won't be here any time soon. I ordered a motherboard from some site I never heard of because it was $30 cheaper then Amazon. I could have received it already had I bought it from Amazon. I won't have it until Tuesday.
  5. goldenfrog

    Long day

    The day's seem really long when your waiting for that last part you need to assemble a new rig. Where's that damn delivery truck?
  6. Getting a bit cold in the house so I fired up two spaceheaters/DC rigs. It appears our DC efforts have staled. We got stuck in the Calmbelt on our way to the GrandLine. I'm just going to put my comps on any old project.
  7. It seems to be like the Ralph@home project is to Rosetta, a place to tryout new apps.
  8. Albert@Home has wu's available. The CPU and CUDA app's are good but the ati/opencl app just trashes wu's.
  9. He is "kicking ass" because the wu's with 'ntlm_mixalpha-numeric-all-space' in the title grants him 4,220 credits for 616 sec worth of cuda work.
  10. I have it on all my BOINC comps but there is never any work. I haven't tried the new 2.0 though.
  11. No way is that thing safe to ride.
  12. Aqua is gone we are back to 12.
  13. I'm giving this project another try. I still can't figure out how to make a Pirate Fleet team.
  14. SETI Germany added a GIMPS team and took the #12 spot from us.
  15. My ships are headed into dry dock again. I am pillaging their cargo holds now. I might leave a quad setup online, maybe fold for awhile. Something low power and quiet setting in a corner somewhere. We'll see.
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