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  1. Throktar


    I can't remember the last time I worked... been retired far too long! I have stumbled out of my mortgage free house and usually find myself driving over to SF to happily take gobs of easy money from lazy millennials too lazy to drive their lazy selves around with Uber... I've done 1453 fares in the last year... AND no one has hurled in the car yet... :dancepirate3:
  2. I have not done any DC work in years now... Fired up a couple of the ATI 5870s to crack some wifi key hashes... :dancepirate3: cause that's what good pirates do :D. The nVidia 295 takes around 6 days; the ATI 5870 27 hours and a new R9 295 X2 does it in 5 seconds... Fuck! Now that is fast... takes longer to download the video drivers than crack the hash!!!
  3. I have two Model B's now. Too bad there are no open source drivers for taking advantage of the multi core GPU on them. I was able to get one with the help of a powered 7 port USB hub to run a USB dongle digital TV tuner to run an (SDR) software designed radio application. I had to punch up the 700 MHz CPU to 900 MHz in order to handle the load.
  4. Throktar


    I turned the power off years ago...
  5. What's all the fuss about? I log into my win 8 laptop with my fingerprint... Pick a finger! Service Packs are dead! Now it will be OTA updates whenever they are needed. This will be true for Windows Phone 8 as well.
  6. Yep, still breathing...
  7. Good thing their not made of brass...
  8. The "ogg" feed is very low bandwidth... and if you desire a higher bit rate, we can now do that as well with no ICECAST client required. Just click on: http://spyoakland.com:8000/opd.mp3
  9. For those here on the board that have spent time living in Oakland... and you are missing the "hood"... I am now the first to provide OPD police channel talkgroups in a "live" streaming format over the web... I created spyOAKLAND a week ago and am now encoding a low bandwidth audio upload to streaming media servers... All you need is your favorite "ICECAST" client and then paste in our URL: http://spyoakland.com:8000/opd1.ogg If you try it out, let the cache fill up for at least 2 minutes before giving up on the stream...
  10. Yes, I do have a Windows 7.5 phone...
  11. I thought Congress was debating whether or not to re-classify pizza as a vegtable... fucktards!!!
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