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  1. I don't think your adequateness ends with just your bandwidth. :)
  2. Wow, that's a very well put article. This guy rocks. :thumbup: And yes, pirates will be pirates. It's just like music, who the hell buys cd's anymore. I make them money by referring good music to friends and maybe they will buy it...... probably not, they might just ask me for my Giganews account to download it for free as well. People will never learn, so we continue to game for free!
  3. You truly wish you could be as cool as me and came up with that. I am glad you finally stop trying to nub your way through getting it to work on your new "Awesome" XPS with Mint installed. What a funny site though right, I mean who would put \lol on the end of it wasn't funny. :banghead:
  4. Well, being a Microsoft guy and having strong influence with my job. I would have to say Windows 7 RC, it's good stuff.
  5. By chance is the server running Server 2003 Small Business? What type of firewall is being used for this network? I am not too familiar with using the SMTP Server with 2003 but I know Exchange 2003 and 2007 very well, that's why I am wondering what edition he is running. Here is a good article on configuration with the computer in a workgroup like you say it is. If he is running the server, why is it not a domain controller? Here is a few articles on the configuration and installation and so on. If you have any questions further, please email me at jason@andernetwork.com. I do not hang ou
  6. Just bought a Nvidia 260 GTX Black Edition for XFX with a little christmas money. Got rated very well and the Core Speed is 666 mhz, i thought that was ironic for being the Black Edition. Should be the hotness though. :banana:
  7. Damnitt, you didnt fall for that. :banghead: I was hoping to get some monies from you!! Next message is going to be an urgent message from Walmart saying to drop a quad core off at my house@!! :banana::banana::banana:
  8. LOL I remember that video, its funny!!:smash:
  9. Looks great, has a real nice looking layout and is eye appealing :ihih:
  10. would take me all day to go through the albums since i was born. I would actually have to think and not really feeling that since today i have to go take a certification test. So here is my 2008 favorite: 10 Years - Division
  11. You know who else is a great musician??? Me, umm tse, umm tse, umm tse
  12. http://www.xkcd.com/456/ Tell me what ya think.
  13. Agreed, few zip ties before you get into the pics. Thats a scary pic with the wires hanging everywhere with that huge heatsink.
  14. For those of you that missed the CS:S run last night. You missed a bunch of ownage, I finished 56 and 14 for the end of the map. Goodspeed thought he would make an attempt to come own me while intoxicated. Needless to say his ratio didnt quite make it to 1:1. Still love ya there buddy but dont challenge the ownage, you will just end up walkin the plank and swimmin with de fishies
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