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Checkout this BS

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What the FUCK!?!?!?! :bs:


1) Ben 2,289 95.24 United States 2) L-Carvone [Founder] 0 0.00 United States 3) head_20.png 3Rotor 0 0.00 Canada






DescriptionTo vigorously promote the hobbies of overclocking and distributed computing in an atmosphere free of commercial advertising and censorship of opinions. Web sitehttp://www.piratefleet.com Total credit2,289 Recent average credit95 Cross-project statsFree-DC




TypeNone Members Founder L-Carvone New members in last day0 Total members3 (view) Active members1 (view) Members with credit1 (view)







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don't get yer panties in a wadd...


this team was converted from a classic team that was "imported" into SETIboinc... OCN had a number of these satellite teams... I remember that TN had one, Tiberia and DMMD/WOOGA/Darth Fada had one, and L-C had set up this one, long before we converted OCN to the current "The Pirate Fleet" team... I'm sure there were even more... OCN'ers frequently moved around to these satellite teams... I remember when we first lost the OCN forums, jopey, beeks, and TN set up "piratefleet.com" for a while.. I believe L-C set up this SETI team to match it up to the website, but by then no one was running SETI anymore, so nobody was around to make the move, except him and apparently Rotor...


I'm not sure who Ben is, but I sent him this pm...


hey Ben...


if you were part of the original OCN Pirate Fleet, the real team is over here...




come check us out and meet up with old friends... hope you stop by...


mebbe he will stop by... :dancepirate3:

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