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seriously, throk -- i totally agree... you can now get an in-ear bluetooth earbud; so when are we going to see the IP-connectivity breakout for phones? I do google voice/skype on my Eee (SSD helps amazingly, i might add) with the BT earbud and am at the point where I don't even carry my cell around anymore!


Besides, if you've got a map for that you're golden across most of the US for this setup. Use GV to get an IP phone # and you're ready to rock. Who needs a locked down, you can only use our apps on this computer piece of totalitarian shit?

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there is no USB... WTF???


So unless your camera has a wifi/SD card or an even more expensive wifi controller like for my Canon 5D MkII; you'll need a "another" device to get your pictures on it if you are away from your home wireless network. I guess the thinking is everyone will toss the DSLRs and move backwards in picture quality with the suck dead donkey built in iPhone camera.


No wide screen and suck ass 720P... both my Canon bodies do 1080P!!!


My take here is iPass...

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