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Researchers: Playing shooters with gun controllers...

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<p><b><font size="3"><font color="gray"><u>Researchers: Playing shooters with gun controllers...</u></font></font></b> <br><small>Posted by


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New research from the Ohio State University School of Communication finds that extensively playing shooters with gun controllers can have a direct impact on shooting actual weapons in the real world.<br><br>Authors Jodi L. Whitaker and Brad J. Bushman tested 151 male college students between 18 and 25 at OSU by having them play different types of games, including the violent shooter Resident Evil 4, the non-violent target practice mode in Wii Play, and the non-violent adventure game Super Mario Galaxy. The group with the two shooting games played with a pistol-shaped controller, while the others used the traditional Wii remote controller.<br><br>Whitaker said that each student, most of whom were gamers, played the game for 20 minutes on the Wii and then was handed a paintball gun that looks and feels like a real pistol (not unlike the much lighter version created by game manufacturer Nyko for the game). Each participant was able to shoot 16 rubber balls covered with Velcro at a life-sized mannequin approximately 20 feet away<br><br>Check out the full story <a href="http://tinyurl.com/79pnstt">here</a><br><br>Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to get some shooting practice in ^.^</p> </font></font>


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