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The Great Iowa road trip Part II

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Hello again all! Pops and I just got back from another road trip to Iowa, and I thought I'd share!


well first big news was that I drove the whole six hours there, NO STOP. Thats the furthest I've ever driven, and I only have one thing to say about it; OW MY EVERYTHING! I pretty much fell out of the truck when we got there, I must have looked like a foal, wobbling around on unsteady legs! :rolleyes5:


The next two days were rifle training days, this time it was strictly an AR15/M4 gun fighting class, I put together another video to show you the epicness that is shooting (I like it when it goes BANG :D) :






One of the coolest thing that happened was at the end of class, While taking my gear back to the truck to load some mags, I noticed that a young boy and his grandfather were standing behind the line watching with fingers in their ears. So I went over to the truck and grabbed my extra set of electronic muffs for the boy to use, not wanting him to go deaf from the cacophony of shots going of at the time. When I approached the pair, they greeted me with great enthusiasm, asking me to help them identify different calibers of brass that the boy had found laying around, (from what I could gather, the boy was trying to collect every caliber of brass) after showing them what they were, and also how to identify different calibers in the future, I asked the boy (who was 11, and just :D about shooting) if he would like to shoot my rifle after class, as he had never shot a rifle before. He looked at me :eek: and said: REALLY?!?!?! You would DO that?!?! :D Once the class was over I took him out to about the ten yard line and gave him my best ten minute drive-through rifle course, once he started shooting, he hit all of his shots within the white, (it was a standard black and white silhouette target) and almost all were in the center of mass. After he shot my rifle, I let him try my Glock 17, and after putting two shots in the center of mass, he proclaimed: I'm gonna try for the head! BANG! Right between the eyes. I was so proud. When all was said and done, I helped cut down his target for him to hang on his wall. The look on his face was priceless, He would not stop thanking me, and his grandfather called me a saint! :D I get that warm fuzzy feeling now when I think about it, knowing that I helped one young boy learn respect for firearms. :thumbup:



Thanks for listening! :wave:





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