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Yet another build that took much longer than it should have...

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The sata m2 pod is just for media, nightly backup images of all devices, etc.


I am also kicking around the idea of a nvme pod for my virtualized services, network transfer / scratch drive for collaboration, etc



Really just needed something to push the cat6a install i did in the house, lol.

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Ooooh I can list my shit now. 


R9 3990x 

B550M Steel Legend

32Gb Crucial Ballistix 3600 @3800MHz

<no video - waiting> 
500Gb Samsung Evo

Tons of RGB

Lian LI O11D Mini White



R9 3900x

X470-I Rog Strix

16Gb Crucual Ballistix 2933 @ 3200 cas15

No video - wiating

500Gb Samsung Evo 

Small amount of RGB strategically located

Fractal Design Node 304 White



Mikrotik 326CRS

Mikrotik RB4011

Asus R7800 @DD-WRT

D-link 868L @DD-WRT

2x TP-Link C2600 @OpenWRT



QNAP 470 Pro @24Gb formatted 

2x 10Gb Mellanox



Ton of smart bulbs @Sonos Play One w/ Alexa 😛 


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