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Need to renew hosting soon... What should we do?

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The price of our current host is getting outrageous. They recently removed the plan that we've been using that was about $10 a month. Now the plan we're on cost $30 a month if paid by the year. There is a significant discount if we renew for 3 years that brings the price down to $18 a month. 

The other option is to switch to a new host that will get us back under the $10 range. But moving hosts involves the possibility of losing our years worth of OCN history if the forum database gets corrupted or something else happens.




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Hey squeeks (and anybody else that may pop in).. 

I for one have appreciated all you have done to keep this site alive.

However, honestly I rarely visit anymore. I do not build computers, am not up on current hardware, and have not crunched a DC workunit in the past 5 years.

I would hate to see the history disappear (earlier today, I was reading back through old posts and it did put a smile on my face). However you need to feel free to do what you feel is best. If this gives you joy, then march on... if not then maybe its time to let it go. Just my $0.02.

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On 6/11/2022 at 9:31 PM, squeeks said:

Piggybacking off of my companies website. So now all I have to pay for is the domain name. 



I guess we could just fix up a crypto wallet with an appropriate APR to fund that side of the equation forever.

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